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Visit our FAQ page to find out what to expect during your experience and for answers to frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect - FAQs

What is Extra Cool Hour, and can I purchase it?
Extra Cool Hour is an exclusive benefit for overnight guests at Gaylord National Resort and is a complimentary perk included with your room reservation. Extra Cool Hour provides early entry into attractions in the Christmas Village, which include ICE!, Snow Flow Mountain, Gingerbread Decorating Corner, Snowball Build & Blast, and more one hour before they are open to day guests. Attraction tickets are still required and must be purchased separately and in advance. The Extra Cool Hour benefit is not for sale.

Is there discounted parking available to visit ICE!?

There is a discounted parking rate of $26 for ticket holders of ICE! This special rate can be purchased at the property near the Christmas Village.   

How do I find my way around the resort?
Download the free Gaylord Hotels app for step-by-step directions to your room, meeting areas, and
other hotel amenities and to access everything you need for your stay, including dining reservations,
activity and event tickets, and reservation info. Available for download on the Apple App Store or
Google Play Store today.
What should I wear to visit ICE!?
All guests are provided a blue parka to keep them warm in our nine-degree ICE! tent. Coats are available in all sizes, including children and infants.  Hats and gloves are recommended. Guests may also choose to wear their own coats, but a Blue Parka is required in order to go down the slides in ICE! 
Do I need to wear boots in the ICE! tent?

All pathways throughout the ICE! attraction are carpeted, and boots are not required. We do recommend wearing comfortable, walking shoes. Open-toed and high-heeled shoes are not permitted.

What other Holiday attractions are available at the resort?
There are over a dozen different activities and events available for guests to enjoy at the Resort. Click here for a full list of available options.
Do overnight guests have unlimited access to ICE!
All tickets to ICE! Are timed one-timed entry only.  Overnight guests of the resort, have access to other guest only experiences including the Chill Pass and Extra Cool Hour.
What is the Chill Pass, and can I purchase one?
The Chill Pass is an exclusive benefit for overnight guests of Gaylord National Resort and is a complimentary perk included with your room reservation. For overnight guests, Chill Pass offers front-of-line access and shorter wait times for ICE!. ICE! tickets are still required and must be purchased separately and in advance. The Chill Pass benefit is not for sale.  
Are there any outdoor attractions?

Yes! Winter Square is located outdoors and features Ice Skating and Ice Bumper Cars! The grounds outside will also be beautifully lit up with thousands of twinkling Christmas lights. We recommend dressing for the weather according to the local weather forecast. 

Where can I buy my tickets?

To purchase tickets, please refer to our online box office by clicking the “Buy Tickets” button in the top right corner of your screen. Guests must purchase their tickets online, there is no box office at the resort. 

Once purchased, your e-ticket will be emailed to you. You can simply show your ticket on the phone or printed out to the attendant to be scanned prior to entering the attraction. 

Do I have to purchase a ticket for each attraction?

We have both ticketed and complimentary attractions at the resort. For a full list of the attractions and pricing, click the “Buy Tickets” button in the top right corner of your screen. 

Where do I park when coming to see ICE!? Is there a parking fee at the resort?

You may self-park or valet park (charges apply for both). If self-parking, please follow the signs to our guest parking lot. You may park in our parking garage or lot. 

Self-parking costs $34.00 plus tax and valet parking costs $54.00 plus tax.

Are the tickets for timed entry slots?
Depending on the attraction and its capacity, many of our experiences can only be purchased for a specific date and time. Please check your ticket for additional details. 
Are tickets refundable?

Tickets for day resort guests are non-refundable. 

Overnight guests who provide their room reservation number during the ticket booking process are subject to a 72-hour cancellation policy for a full ticket refund; ticket reservations canceled within 72-hours are non-refundable. 

Do you need to be a hotel guest to buy tickets?
No. Our holiday attractions are open for visitors as well as overnight guests. Many of our guests decide to stay overnight in order to enjoy all the holiday events and attractions available at our resorts.
How do I get my tickets if they are part of a package?
All overnight guests who purchased a package will receive an email from the hotel with instructions on how to reserve your ticket timeslot and receive your e-ticket. There are no physical, printed tickets; simply show your e-ticket to the attendant who will scan it for entry.
Am I allowed to take pictures?

Guests are allowed take photos with phones or personal cameras. Visitors also have the option of putting their phones away and enjoying professional onsite photo services for an additional fee.   

Please note, that you may experience a "fogging" of the lens when exiting from ICE! into warmer temperatures. This, however, usually goes away once the camera warms up. Please check the manufacturer information regarding the cold tolerance of your camera equipment. Gaylord National Resort is not responsible for damage to any camera equipment caused by the extreme cold temperature

Are the Christmas experiences ADA Compliant and stroller accessible?
The ICE! cold tent and other holiday attractions are accessible and ADA compliant.  
Are strollers allowed?
Yes, strollers are allowed if they do not impede traffic flow at the resort.  Wagons and strollers (whether pushed or pulled) are not permitted in the ICE! tent. 
What should I bring?
Other than your holiday cheer, you don’t need anything to enjoy our attractions other than your e-ticket. All our indoor holiday attractions are kept at normal room temperature. For outdoor attractions and the ICE! tent, we recommend you dress warmly. 
Can I re-enter the ICE! attraction multiple times?

ICE! is a one-time-entry attraction. Because we want you to have the best experience possible, though, you may step outside of the exhibit to quickly warm up and then re-enter. You may not leave the attraction for an extended time – such as to get something to eat or enjoy another activity – and then re-enter. 

Is ICE! appropriate for all ages?

Yes! The attraction was designed kids ages 1-100. It is something the whole family can experience together. 

Additionally, our Winter Square, garden Atrium and Christmas Village offer a variety of different attractions that guests of different ages may like. There is truly something for everyone at Christmas at Gaylord National.

Are the ice slides inside the ICE! attraction for adults too?
Yes! Big kids can join the fun! The ice slides are made for guests of all ages. Guests must be able to walk up the stairs on their own, to take a ride down the slides. Please keep in mind that you must wear one of the provided blue parkas to ride down the slides. 
How should I plan to spend time in the ICE! tent?
Time in the ICE! tent can vary for each group but visits inside the experience usually take about 30 minutes. Once you leave the attraction, be sure to continue your holiday experience through the extensive program of holiday activities available at the resort including the Christmas Village and Winter Square. 
What time do I need to arrive for my timed ticket?
Please plan to arrive ten minutes before your time slot. Our resorts are very large so please consider any time necessary to walk from the parking lot to the Christmas attraction. If you arrive more than five minutes after your appointed time slot, you will not be allowed to enter.
What do I do if I miss my timeslot?

It is very important that ticket holders are not late for their selected time slot. Capacity limits for each time slot are strictly adhered to ensure social distancing. Guests who are more than five minutes late to their appointed time cannot be guaranteed entry. Please visit Guest Services at the hotel to exchange your ticket for the next available timeslot, subject to availability.

Do I need be a hotel guest to book restaurant dining reservations?
During select peak dates this holiday season, dining reservations to all table-service restaurants will be exclusive to overnight resort guests. Dining reservations for overnight guests can be booked through a special link in pre-arrival communications. Advance reservations are highly recommended and available on a first-come, first-served basis.